Furniture for generations

There comes a time when you find yourself yearning for good, solid furniture. Chairs and tables that a) aren’t self-assembly, b) don’t require a trip to Customer Services for the ‘missing screw’ and c) have marginally more stability than a three legged donkey in a strong wind.

In other words, desks, chests and wardrobes that will last for a generation and then some. And beds large enough to accommodate one person in expansive luxury or strong enough to host family pillow fights on a lazy Sunday morning. At least that time certainly came to us, which is why we started the Albion Bed Company.


The Albion Bed Company (a subsidiary of The Albion Bath Company) specialises in high quality mahogany furniture. The entire range, from sleigh beds to chaiselongues, is hand crafted from solid wood - primarily mahogany.

All our furniture is produced from ecologically sound and sustainable plantations. We established the company after trying (and failing) to find a high quality sleigh bed without an equally high price.

We can keep our prices lower because we sell directly from manufacture.  There aren’t the ‘chains’ of some retailers and we have one (centrally located) showroom in The Netherlands and do not pay rent on several stores or employ lots of sales staff. We’re small, and personal, and prefer it this way because our customers do too.